Interview With Young The Giant Who Perform “My Body”

Listen to this track by Orange County California collective known as Young The Giant, a big name for a big band.  It’s ‘My Body’, a track off of the upcoming debut self-titled album Young the Giant, to be released on CD next week, January 18th.

There was a time that the word ‘indie’ suggested a small-scale sound. Young The Giant proves just how false this assumption is, with a big sound that evokes the anthemic 80s grandeur of Echo & The Bunnymen and early U2, mixed with the crunch of 90s alternative rock.

The band is a product of a true collective, former high school friends and all musicians from a young age dreaming of playing music full-time, living and writing together, and now touring and recording, too. Living in Newport Beach right on the water, and bathing in the presence of the Spirit of Wilson, the band dreamed of a mythical eternal summer, and dressed it up in newer clothes; a lushly realized brand of rock music unafraid to put its ambition to the forefront. The chorus of ‘I want more” is come by honestly.

I received a copy of the record from the band’s label, Roadrunner Records, and interviewed the band via email to ask them about it.  Among other things, we talked about high school, communal living, and rock music on a grand scale. Guitarist and vocalist Eric Cannata answers on behalf of the band.  Here is that interview.  Read more