Veruca Salt Play “Seether”

Veruca Salt American ThighsListen to this track by Chicagoan, Roald Dahl-monikered rock ‘n’ roll band Veruca Salt. It’s their hit song “Seether”, released as a single at the end of 1994 as a double A-side with “All Hail Me”, and eventually featured on their debut album¬†American Thighs, scoring them a top ten showing on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart. The song also made a top ten showing in Britain too on John Peel’s Festive Fifty that year.

Veruca Salt was one band whose sound obviously drew from a different musical well than the grunge-oriented rock music made earlier in the decade. ¬†They drew from some of the same sources, but also from the power-pop sound of the ’60s, too. This song proved to be a big hit for them in that musical vein, mostly because even if they stood apart from the crowd, there were a lot of thematic touch points that aligned them with that early-to-mid ’90s “alternative” zeitgeist.

One such theme of that era was that of rage.
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