Sleep, perchance to sleep

Lately, the Girl has slid backwards in terms of sleep. My wife and I co-slept for a long time, and I believe this added a lot of benefit to the Girl’s overall well-being. She’s a happy child who has a great sense of security, great temperament, and very curious to explore the world without Mum and Dad during the day. But, since we’ve put her in her own bed, she’s had troubles. There was a time when I would have to stay with her until she fell asleep, and sometimes this would take quite a while – she’s a nighthawk. Her mind comes alive at night. She babbles. She counts to 10 (admittedly, this is kind of cute…). And most of all, she fidgets. For an hour and a half. It’s tough.

In recent months, she’d been going to sleep pretty much on her own. I’d read her a story, then put her in bed. I’d put the baby gate up across her open doorway. And all was good. She’d drift off on her own. Bedtime and the ritual that surrounds it is mostly my domain in the house, which is fine by me ultimately. I like bathing her, getting her ready, and reading to her. That’s our time together. Every parent should have that. But, there is a certain sense of disappointment when things start off shaky, get way better, and then go back to shaky again.

In the last couple of nights, it’s been like the old days, only in some ways worse. The Girl has been calling for her mother and being very adamant about getting out of bed. She’s gone back to fidgeting. And I can’t leave her until she’s asleep. I think this has been because there’s been a lot of stress around her which she’s picked up on, coming from different sources. But, it’s still pretty hard to take.

The thing I have to do is try not to let it show how annoyed I am at losing ground. I have to remember that it’s not just about me. I think she’s got a legitimate reason to be upset in many ways.

We’ll see where things go tonight.