Tim Hardin Sings ‘If I Were A Carpenter’

Tim Hardin, with his son Damion

Listen to this track from tragic-yet-gifted singer-songwriter Tim Hardin with his own version of a song oft-recorded by a proverbial galaxy of stars. It’s his “If I Were A Carpenter”, as taken from his most critically-acclaimed 1967 album, and his second, Tim Hardin 2. It is a straight-ahead love song, from a guy who struggled against his own self-destruction.

At the time, Hardin was on the precipice of starting a family as well as a career in music during a time when singer-songwriters like him were a hot commodity. He was perfectly positioned, given his ability to deliver the kind of folk-rock with bluesy undertones that was lyrical, romantic, and in line with the earlier Greenwich Village folk scene out of which many had emerged, including Bob Dylan.

But, Hardin had other forces pulling him down, including long-term drug addiction that was a mirror image to the pristine beauty of this song and that which inspired it; a love for home and family.

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