The XX Play “Islands”

500px-xx_album_cover-svgListen to this track by Mercury Prize-winning R&B flavoured, with 80s post-punk overtones, British quartet, more recently a trio, the XX.  It’s “Islands”, as taken off of their acclaimed 2009 debut XX. Here’s the thing, good people: when a band lists Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Rhianna along with the Cure, The Kills, and the Pixies, you’ve got to sit up and take notice.  I mean, the very idea!

But, here’s another thing.  There has been a long tradition in the history of British rock music that holds a particular importance on R&B, in whatever form it may take. In many ways, as unique as this band is on the current musical landscape, this crossing of musical boundaries into the world of pop R&B is just a continuation of this tradition.

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