The Song In My Head Today: ‘Everywhere With Helicopter’ by Guided By Voices

Jungian radio has been hard at work!

Here’s a clip of Guided By Voices and their tune ‘Everywhere With Helicopter’, which has taken up residence in my head today. The song is featured on the band’s 2002 album Universal Truths & Cycles album.

Guided By Voices Universal Truths & CyclesGuided By Voices of course is captained by Robert Pollard who used the name as a vehicle for his prolific songwriting output. This is my favourite by GBV as it passes the rip-up-the-seats litmus test for rock songs. I love the uncoiling guitar solo, the superb bassline, the punishing drums. The Pollard approach seems to be about throwing ideas up against the wall to see if they stick. Sometimes, it’s a bit hit-and-miss. But the attempt sometimes pays off. And sometimes, this is what you need in your life – to hear the attempt. And this time, GBV hits it square in the nuts!