The Moody Blues Play “Tuesday Afternoon”

Listen to this track by progressive rock artistes and concept-album toting quintet The Moody Blues.  It’s “Tuesday Afternoon”, a track awash in mellotron and orchestral flourishes, and a highlight as taken from their 1967 concept record Days of Future Passed, and released in single form the following year. Also known as “Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)” as a part of the album, this song helped to carry the group, and a certain strain of rock music, into the 1970s.

The song was released as a single in 1968, under the title “Tuesday Afternoon” and re-cut as a stand-alone track, written as it was by relative newcomer to the band Justin Hayward who wrote the song on an actual Tuesday afternoon, playing outside with his acoustic guitar –  in a field no less.

The album version leads into fellow Moody songwriter Graeme Edge’s “Evening”. Both tracks contributed to the concept of the album; tracing the course of a day, which started with “The Day Begins”. Eventually, the record concludes with the final track, which you might have heard of – “Nights in White Satin”, yet another single written by Hayward. Read more