Tales of Brit-pop 2: Suede Performs ‘Electricity’

Here’s a clip of Brit-pop darlings Suede (known on this side of the pond as The London Suede) doing their post-Brit pop era tune “Electricity” from the 1999 album Head Music.

Suede ElectricityI never did like this band much, it must be said. I like Bernard Butler’s guitar playing, but frontman Brett Anderson’s sub-Bowie/Bolan preening kind of put me off. I guess this is one of those examples of liking the wrong song, since this single and its album came out in 1999, which made these guys ancient as far as the hype of the Brit-pop era was concerned. But, this tune has a lot of balls, with a wall of guitar that sounds like lightning tearing its way through galvanized metal. This is rock music, albeit with the same Euro-pop glam overtones of their other material. I love that guitar, even if Butler isn’t playing it. The band got a new guy in for it – Richard Oakes.

I always found that Brit-pop never really had much in the way of guts. Most of its proponents only came into their own guts-wise after all the hype died down after 1996. Brit-pop classmates Supergrass and Blur, to name but two, branched out with In It For The Money, and Blur respectively, arguably their best albums. And Suede attempts a similar move here, with a decidedly rock approach, although with not quite as much cultural impact in the end. The group pretty much fizzled out after this in terms of being in the public and critical eye. How much life was left in this group by the end? One album it seems, before splitting in 2003.

Rumours abound that the group had been working on new material with Butler back in as guitarist. This is despite Anderson’s solo career – he released a record in 2007, some of which you can hear on the Brett Anderson MySpace page. Tell me what you think as always, good people.