The Human League Perform “(Keep Feeling) Fascination”

Here’s a clip from synth-pop-with-a-hint-of-Northern-Soul collective from Sheffield, England The Human League. It’s their spring of 1983 hit, “(Keep Feeling) Fascination”, a hit single released between hit albums Dare! (which included the massive hit “Don’t You Want Me”) and Hysteria.┬áThe song was released as a single, later to be included on the 6-song EP Fascination.

The early-to-mid 1980s was an incredibly creatively fertile period for the band, with a number of instant pop singles that made them a smash success on both sides of the Atlantic, during a period in pop history where British groups were once again making headway into the North American market on par with the way they had twenty years earlier in the 1960s.

But, that track to success was not a goal when the band started, with a completely different set of players, with completely different approaches to making synthesizer-based music. Read more