The Flashing Lights Play “Where Do The Days Go?”

Listen to this song by the criminally underexposed Toronto-based, Halifax-bred power-popists The Flashing Lights.  It’s their 1999 song “Where Do the Days Go?” as taken from their debut album Where the Change Is. For some years, I plagued everyone I knew with my evangelical fervour inspired by the greatness of this song.  Things haven’t changed.

I’d heard of this band only by reputation.  I’d been living in Britain at the end of the 90s, and wanted to get in touch with what was happening musically speaking in my own country.  I can’t remember the exact path that led me to this band, or their excellent debut. But, I ordered this disc on the strength of some reviews I’d read.  And boy were they right, especially about this song.

When trying to describe this song, I always thought it sounded kind of like a summer barbecue as hosted by the Who, with Brian Wilson as a guest of honour.  I love that Beach Boys organ, the hard Townshend-esque guitar, and the fun loving spirit of power pop that drives this wonderful creation along.  It is simply one of my favourite songs, and maybe because 1999 felt like a bittersweet end of an era for me, there is a certain melancholic association I have with it too.

Sadly, after the band’s excellent follow-up album Sweet Release, they seem to have disappeared.  Any news on their whereabouts would be welcome!

In the meantime, I got some dreams on the dashboard; gonna let them loose when we hit town!

For more information about The Flashing Lights, read this interview with lead singer and songwriter Matt Murphy.