Sondre Lerche Performs “Domino”

Sondre Lerche
Sondre Lerche (Photo: Benny Chandra)

Listen to this track by Norwegian singer-songwriter wunderkind Sondre Lerche. It’s “Domino” as taken from his recent self-titled album Sondre Lerche, actually his sixth album. These days, that’s pretty prolific for someone who’s not yet thirty years old. It’s pretty prolific for an artist of any age.

This is one of the many ways that Lerche is something of a throwback to the classic pop period when album-a-year (sometimes more) work schedules, and tours to support them, were a matter of course.

This of course is beside the fact that Lerche’s skill as a pop craftsman, and with energetic on-stage performances have wowed audiences in North America as well as in Europe.

His ability to take Beatlesque guitar hooks, jazzy melodies that suit his appealing croon of a voice, and with interesting and sonically varied touches in the arrangements to support the whole have made his work a standout. This of course is the result of a unique mentorship process. Read more