Royksopp Spin Their Song “Eple”

Here’s a clip of Norwegian dance outfit Royksopp with my favourite track off of their 2001  Melody A.M. album.  There are some pieces of music which practically force you to move.  This is one of them.  You’ve been warned.


As mentioned previously, dance music and electronica has been unfairly burdened with the tag of disposable music.  It’s music designed for a specific purpose, with no real depth.  At least, this is the case in the minds of some.  But, like any genre, dance music is diverse, just as rock music is.  Some of it certainly is disposable.  But, not this track.

There’s something of the epic in this song.  It’s definitely widescreen.  Yet, it’s fun too, not imposing despite its size.  It has personality – kind of cheeky, a bit sexy too, but mostly it’s just celebratory. This is true of the whole album, which has a solid melodic element to it, as well as being highly danceable.

This tune reminds me of a certain group of friends I have in London, bopping their heads back and forth and giggling to this song as they were wont to do.  As much as I love this piece,  it makes me miss them.

For more about Royksopp, check out the Royksopp official website.