R(┬«)ock ‘n’ R(┬«)oll Brands

Symbols have been a part of civilized society for thousands of years, from tribal insignias, shield emblems, family crests, and flags, to logos for cereal and sportswear. But what of our precious rock ‘n’ roll? The youth of today and of yesteryear have proudly huddled under one symbol or another, whether they be mod, rocker, or mocker.

The impulse to form tribes is very much a part of humanity’s basic make-up, no-less evident in the advent of mass-produced-and-distributed pop music. But, is this really just an exercise in marketing, and in some cases incredibly crass marketing? Well, to answer that question, why not ask an ad man? ┬áLuckily, we here at the ‘Bin have at least one of those on hand; Mr. Geoff Moore.

Here’s Geoff’s take on the state of the union when it comes to rock, and to the celebrated and reviled b(r)and logo …

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