Regina Spektor Sings “All The Rowboats”

Here’s a clip by Russian-born multi-instrumentalist, singer, East Village anti-folk poster girl, and cutting edge songwriter Regina Spektor. It’s her “All The Rowboats”, the first single taken from this year’s What We Saw From The Cheap Seatsher sixth record. Here is a tale of fine art after hours, when the patrons of art galleries and museums have gone home. It’s a tale of desperation with a unique selection of characters – the works of art themselves.

This is a part of Spektor’s approach to songwriting in general, coming from odd corners of perception, and using a wide vocabulary of imagery to flesh it out. This is in turn fueled by a varied series of cultural sources, from pop lyrics, to other languages, to works of literature.

To this point, Spektor is certainly hooked into how art is entwined with human experience. But in this song, that connection is presented in less than a positive light. In this song, the works of art are under the yoke of human captors, their “own fault for being timeless”.

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