The Beatles Sing ‘Rain’

And for no good reason other than ‘I feel like it’, here’s The Beatles performing one of their lesser known (to some) cuts, “Rain” from their landmark 1966 album Revolver. Just ‘cuz.

This is one of my favourite clips of the band, filmed around the time they would cease performing live. Film clips like this were meant to do the rounds on TV shows for them so that they could spend less time traveling and more time in the studio – kind of a radical move in 1966. They hence, as the 1994 version of George says on the opening part of the clip, helped to invent MTV.

They shot a number of these film clips of their songs which were shown on American shows like the Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, and others up until the end of their life as a group including ‘Paperback Writer’. ‘Hello Goodbye’, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Something’, and others.

To view the clip, hover over the image and click the ‘play’ icon. To enlarge the viewing window, click the magnifying glass icon. Alternatively, click away and open the clip in a new browser window. Enjoy!

The Beatles 1966