Porno For Pyros Play “Pets”

Listen to this track by Perry Farrell-led Jane’s Addiction offshoot band Porno For Pyros. It’s their “modern rock” chart hit “Pets” as taken from 1993’s self-titled Porno For Pyros album, the first of two albums by the band to date. Along with Farrell, the band was comprised of former Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, plus new players Peter DiStefano (guitar) and Martyn LeNoble (bass).

In this song, humanity is inept in making our world livable due to how “fucked up” we are as a species. Yet not all is lost – we would still make great pets to alien life, should they decide to come to our world and remove us from our role as the superior species on the planet.

Maybe this isn’t a likely theme for a hit single, which is why it was part of the burgeoning “alternative” tag that was becoming a popular term for use in the mainstream for music that had odd angles to it. This one in the end is pretty bleak in its outlook, when it comes to a view on where our civilization is taking us. And yet at the same time, it certainly illustrates something that we can’t deny either, even if we don’t completely agree; that every dominant species has it’s time, once its rule comes to an end. Yet, there is a more current issue that perhaps inspired such a bleak point of view in this song, even if it is pretty tongue in cheek. Read more