Norah Jones Sings “Sinkin’ Soon”

Sinkin'_Soon_single_coverListen to this track by documented Grammy-magnet and Texan country-jazz-indie-whatever singer-songwriter¬†Norah Jones. It’s “Sinkin’ Soon”, a Tom Waitsean political parable as taken from 2007’s Not Too Late, her third album.

This song was released as a second single from that album, which overall was something of a departure from the meticulously wrought jazz and country hybrid she’d perfected on her first two albums, both of which sold a boatload, and made her a household name. For one thing, this time Norah Jones herself along with bassist and songwriter Lee Harris helmed the controls in place of legendary Arif Mardin who had produced those first two albums, making it looser and with more unfastened edges.

The result was still a debut at number one on Billboard’s top 200, three for three where top spot showings were concerned for Norah Jones. Another big change was an emphasis on original songs. Instead of songs sourced from various external sources to fill out the running time, Jones had a hand in writing all of them, either alone, or with band members. She worked many of these out on guitar rather than from her expected place at the piano.

Lee Harris also co-wrote this one with Jones, a story about an ill-fated journey by sea that reflected a certain political point of view during a time when the destiny of a nation seemed to be very much in doubt. Read more

Norah Jones Acting Debut in My Blueberry Nights

Norah JonesTake a read of this interview with singer-songwriter Norah Jones. The article focuses on her debut lead role in the new movie by Hong Kong director Wong-Kar Wai called My Blueberry Nights. This is a debut for the director too – it’s his first movie in English. Thanks to the guys at Rotten Tomatoes who alerted me to this.

Are you dubious when musicians try to branch out into acting? Well, so is Norah apparently. Yet, for whatever reason I personally find the idea intriguing nearly every time, and I’m always optimistic. We’ll see how she does, I guess. To contrast, I tend to bristle with waves of pessimism when actors release albums.

Tell me what you think of the interview, good people. And if you’ve already seen the movie, tell me about that too.