June Tunes Digest 2016


It’s summertime, summertime, and if you will, sum-sum-summertime. Perhaps weatherwise it’s been that for a while for you as it has been here on the (normally) Wet Coast of British Columbia. Around here it’s actually not been very wet at all due to a particularly dry spring. That’s meant that wildfire season has started early. I’m hoping this will not be the new normal that I suspect it is (thanks, climate change). That aside, and during a year that is turning out to be personally challenging on many levels, a reliable balm to life’s slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is always going to be ┬ánew music. If you’re here with me on this page today, I can only assume that I am not alone in that conviction.

To effect a change for the better as 2016 rolls on, here is a new list of summer tune-age for your consideration. As always, consider it to be my personal mix-tape to you, which should always be considered as an act of love when rendered by a music fan. Some of these tunes are fit for top-down rolling down the road in the sunshine. Some will offer an interesting contrast to that. Either way, open your ears to the new sounds of summer below with this year’s edition of June Tunes Digest. Please proceed! Read more

The Draytones Perform ‘Keep Loving Me’

One of my favourite discoveries in the past year was The Draytones, and their song ‘Keep Loving Me’ which demonstrates their love of Nuggets-era 60s garage punk. Check out this clip, and see what I mean.

Also check out the band’s 6-track EP Forever On .

The Draytones Forever On

If you’re like me, you’ll be wondering when a full album will be coming out. I’ll be keeping tabs on this news and share it with all of you. Fear not!