General Public Play “Tenderness”

General Public TendernessListen to this track by dual-frontman outfit and pop-music-with-a-head-for-wordplay purveyors General Public. It’s “Tenderness”, their biggest hit as taken from the debut record in 1984, All The Rage. The song would make them more of a chart draw in North American showings than in their native UK, with top forty play and heavy video rotation too.

General Public was something of a Two Tone and British second wave ska survivor band, featuring members of The Beat  and The Specials. This new band also included members of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and even, briefly, Mick Jones of the Clash before the record was released. The two primaries would be Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling who had been the lead vocalists for the aforementioned Beat, a band that had made a lot of headway in North America through college radio before fragmenting by 1983.

This song was the second single from their debut album, with the self-referential “General Public” being the first. And it made a cultural impact in a hurry, being a part of soundtrack albums (Weird Science), and on MTV  that got the song heard by new audiences.

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Wildlife Control Plays “Analogue or Digital”

Here’s a clip of bi-coastally based power pop indie outfit Wildlife Control, aka a pair of brothers, Neil and Samul Shah. It’s the video for their 2011 single “Analogue or Digital”, the lead track from the band’s recent 4-song EP Spin. The syblings-turned- bandmates live on opposite coasts of the United States; one in Brooklyn and the other in San Francisco, respectively.

This video was created by the brothers in February of 2012, using a full day of stop-motion, time-lasped filming at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. What you’re seeing is one continuous, day-long take from sunrise to sunset.

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