VAMS “Feeling Alright” Music Saves II Promo Video

Take a look at this video created by VAMS (Vancouver Adapted Music Society) featuring a number of local heroes in the Vancouver music scene including Odds, Jim Byrnes, John Mann from Spirit of the West, Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall, Dan Mangan and many, many others.  It’s their take on Dave Mason’s “Feeling Alright”, an upbeat song about not being alright immortalized by Joe Cocker’s version.

The video was created with the help of local radio station The Shore FM, where the promo guy turns out to be an old friend of my brother’s! Small world!

The video  stands as an expression of a music community supporting the idea that music is an essential to life, not a luxury.  Therefore, everyone has a right to express themselves through it, even those who have been born with certain physical challenges, or have had life changing events and are not able to play instruments or sing in conventional ways as a result. Read more