Liz Phair Sings “H.W.C”

Liz PhairListen to this track by one-time indie poster girl and candour-driven singer-songwriter Liz Phair. It’s “H.W.C” as taken from the “non-clean” (ugh!) version of her 2003 record Liz Phair. ┬áIn case you’re simply reading the title of this song without having heard it previously, the initials stands for “hot white cum”. Yes.

It’s not as if blatant sexuality in pop songs is a new thing. From Nina Simone’s “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl”, to Musique’s “Push Push In the Bush”, to Frankie advising one to relax when one wishes to cum, there are an awful lot of examples through out pop music history of some pretty undeniable expressions of human carnality.

It’s not as if it’s an entirely unprecedented move for Liz Phair either. Her 1993 debut, Exile In Guyville was full of examples of her candour when it came to talking about sex. Exhibit A may be “Fuck and Run”, which maybe wouldn’t have been so shocking if it weren’t sung by a woman from a woman’s point of view in quite the way it was.

But, that’s only one of the reasons that Liz Phair made such an impact, and possibly why the album off of which “H.W.C” comes (ok, ok, stop that giggling in the back!) was absolutely pasted by the critics. Read more