Plush Sings “Save The People”

Listen to this track by Chicagoan singer-songwriter and orchestral pop, and in this case without the orchestra, piano man Liam Hayes recording under the moniker Plush. It’s “Save The People”, the closing track to his 1998 debut record More You Becomes You. 

This is the sound of an ambitious arrangement built up, and then stripped back again to just voice and piano. This is an after-hours sound, a sound of being solitary and indisposed due to a quiet struggle with life’s larger questions. It sounds like a prayer as uttered from the Holy Parish of Bacharach, yet with a vulnerable, and imperfect waver in the voice which reveals the human fragility at its core.

The sparse nature of whole arrangement, false start and all, is a big part of its charm.  And, there’s something about the chords that ties it to something of that late ’60s vibe, with a dash of jazz, and then mixed with a shot of melancholy that works against it all – but in a good way.

Apart from being tied to an earlier pop tradition, could this tune have come out in any other decade besides the 1990s? Well, here’s the thing. Read more