Kori Pop Debuts Video “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” From Songs For Little Bean

Watch this video by Hamilton Ontario-based singer-songwriter, and filmmaker Kori Pop. It’s the entirely DIY video featuring her take on the children’s favourite “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (with a “Mary Had a Little Lamb” coda),  a track off of her self-released album Songs For Little Bean.

The record is a collection of children’s songs and lullabies originally planned as a gift for friends, parents to Kori’s goddaughter. But, after Kori saw how well her goddaughter responded to the material, she decided that the rest of the music-listening public needed to hear the songs, too.

Before this, Kori Pop had kept herself pretty busy. After making her debut, From The Outskirts, Kori Pop involved herself in a number of projects which engaged the interpretive side of her skills as a singer, and musician. Cover versions of the B-52s’ “Love Shack”, Alanna Myles’ “Black Velvet”,  and The Beatles’ “Being For the Benefit Of Mr. Kite” , were all given the Kori Pop treatment.

In addition, she was involved in a show as one of four local performers in Hamilton lovingly titled Heavy Pedal. The show featured some major piano, with not a guitar or Marshall stack in sight. But this new record was something of a labour of love, with her voice multi-tracked to create a sort of choral children’s album of favourites, plus a couple of original compositions too.

I talked with Kori via email about this record, and about what it means to be an interpretive singer of familiar folk songs and pop songs, as well as being a writer of originals. Read more

Kori Pop Sings “Nowhere Near My Heart”

Here’s a clip from Maccaesque indie singer-songwriter Kori Pop (her real name, kids).  It’s the self-made video for her song “Nowhere Near My Heart”.  For the video, Kori used scrapbook materials and paper dolls which she also made herself.  You can get the full story on the making of the video when you click through.

The song is a single as featured on her debut record From The Outskirts. You can download the single FOR FREE!

Kori Pop writes pop songs that demonstrate an exceptional feel for nuance in tone and texture. Her influences that draw from a classic period of pop/rock songwriting don’t make her music sound like a cynical stylistic calculation.  Rather, her music sounds like a continuation that the self-same classic pop era hoped to inspire.

I spoke with Kori via email about  her song and video, about this sense of songwriterly inheritance from the heyday of singer-songwriters in the 60s and 70s, the DIY spirit needed to be an indie musician in the Twenty-First Century, and about  how earning a listener on one’s own steam is a far greater reward than being a part of a calculated hype machine.


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