Kathleen Edwards Sings “Change The Sheets”

Here’s a clip of Ottawa-born folk-rock siren and superlative singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards. It’s “Change The Sheets”, the lead single off of this year’s Voyageur, produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and her forth since her 2003 recording debut.

Where the rootsy vibe of her past work is certainly touched upon, here on this song,  it is communicated on a grander scale, perhaps helped along by shimmering, pristine, and almost ambient textures of the production. This is evident on the record as a whole, as are the themes of moving on, travelling, and the trepidation felt that is often associated with leaving an old life behind in order to start a new one.

On “Change The Sheets”, it’s the trepidation that shines through the most, with a quiet desperation to be found in a tale of a changing relationship, a changing life, and the sense of being helplessly carried along by one’s own feelings, railing against them all the way. This is the sound a relationship that is ending, with the narrator knowing she must move on, and yet trying to deny what she knows to be inevitable.

It’s hard not to be convinced that Edwards is speaking from personal experience, given the timing and circumstance of this new album. Read more