Kaki King Plays “The Betrayer”

Listen to this song by guitar-shredding wunderkind, and singer-songwriter Kaki King. It’s “The Betrayer”, a tale of shadowy double-dealings that serves as the opening track to 2010’s Junior, her fifth record.

The Delete BinĀ is a songs blog. And so it was very hard for me to choose a representative track from an artist who changes course from record to record, and from song to song, offering a wide range of styles and approaches even on a single album; folk, neo-classical, rock, post-rock, prog.

But, where this is often the symptom of an artist who hasn’t found her voice, here I think it’s the case of a spectrum of talent that is wider than most, with an associated artistic hunger to explore. Her own work, plus collaborations with acts as diverse as Foo Fighters, Timbaland, and The Mountain Goats certainly bears this out.

This track comes out of an interest in the songwriting side of her talents, with her formidable skills as a guitarist supporting it. And lyrically and thematically speaking, this particular song touches on another personal interest, too. Read more