Just Duggy & the Insurgents Perform “A Man Walks Into A Bar”

Listen to this track from British indie singer-songwriter, and Sunderland son Just Duggy and his band, the Insurgents. It’s “A Man Walks Into A Bar”, a tale of excess, empty promises, and a woman wearing nothing much more than a belt. ┬áThe track is taken from Duggy’s debut record, There and Back Again, which you can download for FREE!

The record was recorded guerilla-style, “after everyone had gone home”, leaving Duggy and his three compatriots to run wonderfully amok in the studio. The result is a rough-hewn blend of rockabilly, jangle-pop, and folk punk, covering topics ranging from the shallow nature of so-called reality T.V, ┬áthe dubious honour of serving in wars, and even religon sold as a product to be sold door-to-door.

I spoke with Duggy via email and asked him about self-promotion, topical songwriting, great lyricists of the North, and the art of nabbing studio time on the fly.

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