Joanna Newsom Sings “Sawdust And Diamonds”

Joanna Newsom YsListen to this song by avant-folk harpist, singer, and orchestrally-minded songwriter Joanna Newsom. It’s “Sawdust and Diamonds”, a track as taken from the uniformly praised 2006 record Ys (that’s pronounced Eess, kids). The song was one of ¬†five that appeared on the album. Normally, five songs on a record equals an EP. Or, it means (eek!)¬†prog.

But, this is neither.

Actually, at the time, it was hard for many to figure out what this was. It was, and is, kind of it’s own thing. This is most likely why it made so many end-of-year lists across the music journalism spectrum. In part, it’s singularity is what sells it.

But in what sense?

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