James Struthers Sings “You, Me, and Optimus Prime”

Here’s a clip of up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, James Struthers. It’s the single “You, Me, and Optimus Prime”, a song about childhood innocence, and about how to keep childhood wonder in your life.

Even if this tune is an effervescent pop song about the treasures of childhood, the shadow of getting older is lurking just by association.  Yet, the “heaviness of being” situation that we’re all in, being creatures in time as we are, doesn’t drag down the music. It certainly doesn’t affect how much fun the video is, featuring a very playful Optimus Prime as James’ co-star.

The video was created with the help of LA-based Funk Factory Films. The production team, Nathan, Trevor and Morgan Funk, all contemporaries of James’, understood the cultural and generational reference points that underscore the song. The result was this video, something of a childhood fantasy that is absurd, in a good way. James explains the approach himself here: Read more