Goldfrapp Play “Human”

Goldfrapp HumanListen to this track by cinematically-inclined electronic duo and shapeshifting musical stylists Goldfrapp. It’s “Human”, the third single from their debut record Felt Mountain.

The band take their name from Alison Goldfrapp; singer, keyboardist, and lyricist. This debut won them a shortlisting for the Mercury Prize in 2000, although they were outshined by Badly Drawn Boy’s The Hour of Bewilderbeast, as many other records were that year

Together with keyboardist, programmer and arranger Will Gregory, the duo would evoke the sonic effects of the spacious grandeur of John Barry soundtracks of the 1960s, although with icily beautiful electronic textures to put the music squarely in the 21st century.

But, what of this song? What other elements besides those elements can be found here?

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Hear the New Goldfrapp Track: “Clowns” from the album Seventh Tree

Hey new music fans!

Here’s a track from the most recent Goldfrapp album from their latest album Seventh Tree: “Clowns”.

Check out this clip to see and hear it!

Goldfrapp Seventh Tree

This outfit seems to have a wandering interest, their first album, Felt Mountain, being something of a study in the John Barry school. Then, on subsequent albums like Black Cherry, they explored dance music. Now judging by this track, they seem to circling backwards in time to the early 70s folk-pop. The track seems to be in a Nick Drake sort of vein, and has a similar feel to many of the tracks on another favourite album of mine: Quiet is the New Loud, by Kings of Convenience.

What are your opinions, people?