Return of the Blog

It strikes me that I should write something everyday. I don’t know why, really. But the mysterious things in life are often as intriguing as they are confounding. Being a denizen of this part of the universe, I find myself struggling with both intrigue and with being confounded. So, here I am.

This is the second incarnation of ‘The Delete Bin’. The first one captured some important things, but then fell into disuse. I was too ambitious. So, this will be a leaner, meaner delete bin. It will be easy for me, maybe to not have so many expectations placed upon it, or myself (other than trying to write everyday to keep in practice). I might write about a few of those things which I’ve written about once again. Maybe I won’t.

I do have an idea for this model. Here, I’ll write about (in no order)

  • what it’s like to be Dad
  • music, since I am an incurable music geek
  • some film and tv stuff
  • being an awkward guy who likes to make people laugh.

You can follow along if you like. I will write to you every day – long or short, link or sentence. So, now that I’ve said it, you can keep me honest. It’s bound to evolve.