Elliott Smith Sings “Son of Sam”

elliott_smith_figure_8_coverListen to this track by equal-parts haunted and gifted former Heat Miser member and singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. It’s “Son of Sam”, the opening song and single as taken from 2000s Figure 8, his second major-label full-length album that took his career in a promising direction soon after his appearance at the 1998 Oscars.

On that broadcast, he’d played his “Miss Misery” which featured in the smash-hit movie Good Will Hunting, a film that featured a number of his songs. Never before had such a stark contrast been made for me, and for many others, on an Oscar show; the least Hollywood of performers on the most Hollywood of TV broadcasts. Somehow, the moody, weird kid in the high school cafeteria was offered a place, however briefly, at the cool kids’ table.

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Elliott Smith Sings “Independence Day”

In listening to Elliott Smith’s XO last night, and again this morning, I was struck by the beauty of the track “Independence Day”, which has been playing in my mind rather pleasantly since.

Here’s a clip of Elliot Smith with the accompanying song to give you an idea of what I mean.


The fact that Smith died violently by his own hand makes me wonder whether or not thoughts of this affects the way people hear his music – that for all of it’s melodic charm, it is the product of a disturbed mind. In my view, that’s not the point. Sure, I think that there’s darkness lurking underneath most of the material Smith put out. But I think the beauty of it overcomes any intentions he might or might not have had when making it. I think this is true of all art which is worth considering; that the art should always be considered bigger than the artist.

What do you think, good people?