Bob Dylan Meets the Beatles

I’ve found a hilarious, and (perhaps not surprisingly) drug-related reference to the first Dylan-Beatles meeting in 1964. Another Beatles/Bob thread; I can’t help myself.

Take a look!

This is actually based on documented events, when Bob allegedly brought along a bit of greenery to the Beatles hotel suite while they were in New York. The Beatles up until then were speed users from their days playing 8-hour sets in Hamburg, but had never tried smoking marijuana. Ringo was, according to legend, the first one to toke up. Then, all the Beatles indulged, including manager Brian Epstein.

Source: via PatrĂ­cia on Pinterest

By the next year, they were all potheads, particularly during the filming of Help!, where they were viewed as a giddy bunch of guys, often prone to fits of laughter at the slightest provocation.