City and Colour Perform “Fragile Bird”

Listen to this track by Alexisonfire splinter project authored by singer, guitarist and songwriter Dallas Green, working under the moniker City and Colour (an expression of his own name – both city and colour. Geddit?). It’s “Fragile Bird”, a tale of night terrors, love,  and helplessness as taken from the 2011 album Little Hell.

The song was released as a single earlier this year on this, Green’s third album under the City and Colour name. And this song is a prime cut on a record released during a year of new starts for him, with this new solo record coming out while his primary band, Alexisonfire was in the throes of a crisis, leading up to their break-up in August. Green had split his time between the two concerns, as his work under the City and Colour soon eclipsed that of his work with Alexisonfire.

“Fragile Bird” is a dark tale, a night song that pits a man against the uncontrollable forces of a fitful sleep, and  not his own. This is the unrestful sleep of his wife, wrestling with her own mind while suffering from night terrors while he is forced to watch, helplessly.

This is certainly some dark subject matter. But, what else is at the heart of this song? Read more