Interview With Charlotte Cornfield

Charlotte Cornfield
Photo: Martin Cathrae

Here’s a clip of Toronto-born, Montreal-based singer-songwriter and musical road warrior Charlotte Cornfield singing a new track off of an off-stage EP to be featured on her current 45-date solo tour this summer. It’s “Construction On The Street”, a collection of vignettes held together by the common theme of disconnection, artfully compressed in three minutes and change of rock/folk/pop catchiness. The track, and the tour EP off of which it comes is a spearhead for an upcoming full-length record Two Horses, due later in the year.

Charlotte Cornfield has been hitting the road since she was a teen, first as a student of jazz drumming, of all things, at Concordia University in Montreal. Then, it was in a succession of bands that cross the musical spectrum. DIY tours on Greyhound buses on her own ensued. Needless to say, she hasn’t slowed down.

She has since, in a relatively short time, become a darling of the festival circuit. Cornfield has appeared at Hillside Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Ottawa Folk Festival, Pop Montreal, and others.

In addition to being a hearty touring musician, she shines as a songwriter, hearkening back to a misty, golden yesteryear when all of the songs on the radio meant something. What’s left is a burgeoning body of work over 2 EPs that reflects a distinctive, Billie-Holiday-meets-Joni-Mitchell croon, with a touch at songwriting that suggests the muses of  Brett Dennen and Ron Sexsmith, plus some unique spark to boot.

I spoke to Charlotte via email about being at home on the road, jazz, drumming, being a support player, and in making one’s way as a solo artist in the 21st Century.

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