Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers Play “Monster Mash”

The Original Monster MashListen to this track by musician, actor, and novelty song innovator Bobby “Boris” Pickett and his merry band of Crypt Kickers. It’s the huge 1962 novelty hit, and just in time for Hallowe’en too, “Monster Mash”.

The song was released as a single, but later appeared on the LP The Original Monster Mash. ┬áIt was released at the end of the summer that year, and just in time for the creepy, fun Hallowe’en season.

Like many songs that endure long past the eras in which they were created, “Monster Mash” was meant to be a knock-off, a bit of fun, while the business of a straight forward pop career was being forged. Although to start with, Bobby Pickett was singing in a pop group while he also pursued an acting career.

But, with this song, his chops as an actor, particularly his love of classic Universal horror movies to which British actor Boris Karloff was central, served him well in creating this seasonal hit.

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