The Delete Bin Last Post: 10 Years Gone, and Fare Thee Well


Here’re goes.

On this very date ten years ago, December 18,  2007, I created The Delete Bin. Happy ten-year anniversary, DB!

You can even read my first post here, written during an era when I wasn’t sure what kind of blog this would even be

However, this is a bittersweet occasion, Good People.

Because today, on this very same date ten years later, this is the last Delete Bin post ever.

Let me explain.

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The Delete Bin Comes in Fifth in the Canadian Blog Awards – Thanks!

Hey everyone,

Just a note from me to everyone who voted for the Delete Bin for best entertainment/cultural blog  in the finals of the Canadian Blog Awards this year, and to anyone who found this blog and/or linked because of the contest – thank you!

Be sure to check out the winning blogs.  Here they are:

Mikes Bloggity Blog

Department of Culture

The Nag on the Lake (who is also a link-partner of mine – way to go!)

Popped Culture (yet another link partner – congrats!)

Be  sure to check out these great Canadian blogs.  And thanks again to all who voted.



The Delete Bin Made it to Round 2 of the Canadian Blog Awards – Please Vote!

Hi All,

Rob here again.

Well, we’ve made it to Round 2 of the Canadian Blog Awards for Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog, along with some other great Canadian Blogs which you should also definitely check out.  Here’s where to vote:

Go to the Canadian Blog Awards Site – Vote the Delete Bin as Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog.

I am seriously honoured and very excited about the nomination, and in making it to round two given how tough (not to mention talented) the competition is.

I started this blog almost exactly a year ago, with the intention of writing something everyday, and in order to see how WordPress works, basically.  It’s cool that I’ve gained the attention of likeminded people who have become a part of my little community here.  I hope that this nomination will help to encourage more visitors and more discussion.

Anyway, please vote.  And do check out other blogs who have been nominated in all of the categories.  As I mentioned the last time, there is a tremendous talent pool of writers and podcasters in this country.  Bookmark them, link to them, subscribe to their feeds.  The Internet is all about love!  Give us yours.