10 Songs About The End Of The World

End of the World
photo: Peter Castleton

The Mayan Calendar. Rumours of the Rapture. Rod Stewart’s new Christmas album. All of them have been recently featured in the news over the past few years to make us wonder whether or not the end is nigh. Well, maybe the Rod album only makes¬†me wonder that.

Anyway, as established with our 10 songs about death list, we can all agree that one day everything meets its end. This of course must include civilization as we know it; the end of the world. But, maybe making civilization and “the world” synonymous is just human arrogance. After all, the world existed before we came along, right?

And yet we’re a species that’s marked with a blessing, or is it a curse: we know that the end is coming. Maybe it’s both.

So, as a result, songwriters have taken it on. And how has it turned out?

Well, here’s 10 songs about doomsday in several ¬†possible forms. Sometimes, it really is about the end of everything. At other times, its about endings that just seem like the end of everything from a certain point of view. But, with all of them, it’s about confrontation with a force that we have to deal with whether we’re at the end of the line or not; our own humanity.

Take a look.

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