The Rolling Stones Sing A 60s Rice Krispies Jingle

You’ve gotta hear this if you haven’t already. Once again, the good folks at MOJO magazine have found a lost treasure – a mysterious Rice Krispies ad as sung by the Dartford Five.

Have a listen!

Maybe by now you’ve heard this a million times. Hey, I don’t claim to be cutting edge!

The ad was recorded in 1964. If anyone knows more than that, I’d love to hear about it. Doesn’t it sound a bit like ‘Star Star’ from Goats Head Soup? What’s a Chuck Berry riff or two between brand names, eh? Maybe some think that the band sold out. But I like to think that they were merely saying thanks to breakfast cereal that probably sustained them for every meal while they lived in pre-fame squalor in their shared Edith Grove flat.