The Delete Bin exists so that I can talk about the music I love, some of the music I don’t love but think is worth talking about anyway, and hopefully to turn readers on to music they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

I love discussion, so please feel free to leave your comments on any post that you’re interested in. Tell me I’m right. Tell me I’m wrong (and be both polite and convincing). Recommend things to me. Be educated, and educate in return! And link, link, link – it’s the Internet :)!

All written content on this blog belongs to me and is not to be scraped for dummy affiliate sites. Should you find anything I’ve written to be useful, interesting, or complete crap, moving you to quote me, please attach a link back to the original source of your quote. It’s best practice, as most reputable bloggers will tell you. And it’s good manners too. But, you knew that – I just thought I’d mention it.

Why ‘The Delete Bin’?

The Delete Bin name is in honour of my days perusing the bins in the front of record stores in search of cheaply priced, yet artfully realized, albums. In days of yore, when buying albums was akin to going on a treasure hunt, that’s what they were called – delete bins. Delete bins were basically overstock, and kept separate from the regular racks. Further, delete bins knew no stylistic pigeonholes – jazz, R&B, rock/pop, folk, and more genres of all types and eras  were all to be found in your average delete bin, all bunched in there together. And that is what you’ll find here on this humble blog, too. So, there you are.

A Word About Leaving Comments

As stated, please feel free to comment on anything you read here.  You don’t have to agree with me, or shower me with praise (although that’s always nice).  If you disagree, again as stated, be sure to be nice about it.  I know I don’t really have to tell most of you this.  But, y’know.  This is just to make it official.  Actually, even if you aren’t that nice, I’ll probably post what you’ve written, if  I think what you’ve said is valid.  But, name-calling and abuse won’t get a look-in here.

Also, if I think that your comment was made as a way to link-build and not to add to the discussion, I probably won’t approve it. If I feel it does add to the discussion, and the edification of other readers, I probably will. You get the idea.

A Word About Links Posted in Articles, Feeds, and Blogroll

One of the reasons I’ve started this thing is not only to blather on about things I find interesting and that I think you’ll find interesting too, but also to link to other sites that do the same.  There may be instances where the site to which I link echo my own points of view.  But, there will be other instances when I will link (rightly or wrongly) to sites that do not.  Please keep that in mind when clicking through to any links on this here blog of mine.

Generally speaking, I tend to vette the sites before linking to them, mostly against whether or not I feel the content on them is in some way useful to you in the context of my own post.  But, it’s up to you, dear reader, to make sure that what you’re clicking through to resonates with you, and doesn’t offend your values.  I will say this:  I will never link to x-rated materials, douchebag-generated affiliate sites, or knowingly link to any other site that runs contrary to the value systems I’ve listed.

In short, I will use the utmost discretion, but so should you.  The sentiments expressed by others on linked to sites or in sites listed in my blogroll are entirely those of the author or authors.