WiththebeatlescoverIn the second episode of A Year With The Beatles podcast that I am co-chairing with my good friend Graeme Burk (author, podcaster, bon vivant), we talk about the business of following up a smash debut. Even The Beatles had to do that at one time, right? And how difficult was it for them? Is there a progression to be found here? How is this manifest? Have the Beatles grown as recording artists? What are the tracks that blow us away? What about the cover versions? Do they work just as well on this release as they did on Please Please Me?

Joining Graeme and me is master music mix maker Andrew Flint, a guy who’s followed the band almost from the very beginning. We also examine an historic event in the life of the band, the history of television, and the signs of a growing culture unified by a single event: The February 9, 1964 appearance the band made on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Listen to the episode right here.


2 thoughts on “A Year With The Beatles Podcast: With The Beatles

  1. Hi Rob … Congratulations to you and Graeme (and assorted guests) on this podcast. Wonderful to listen these old albums again and get a fresh perspective on them, thanks to your critical perspectives. With The Beatles certainly is overshadowed and almost forgotten, in a way, when thinking about their oeuvre, yet it is a terrific album. And how could I forget the Beatles’ first appearance on the Sullivan show (I was eight at the time), and the excitement at school the next day as we all compared notes. Thanks for doing this!

    1. It’s been so much fun to do. It gives me another reason to lament that the Beatles didn’t make more records. Thanks for comments (and for listening!).

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