PleasePleaseMe_audio_coverThe Beatles changed my perception of the world and set me on a path that, among other things, inspired me to create The Delete Bin. As it turns out, that’s not the only thing they have inspired.

My friend of four decades (!) Graeme Burk, is an author, podcaster, and speaker who’s Mastermind subject would undoubtedly be Doctor Who. But, he’s also a big Beatles fan. He invited me to participate in a new podcast, one that would have us listen to twelve Beatles albums, one per month (possibly making allowances for two for the White Album!). This is the first episode, and my first ever co-chair gig on a podcast. Be gentle, commenters!

In it, we are joined by Bill Evenson who help Graeme and me zero in on the Fabs’ first ever full length studio album. We discuss our favourite songs, our ideas on where the band was at in terms of their development, and ask the question of whether or not there are any revolutionary traits in the music that would hint at what the band would come to mean to so many. We also discuss the band’s involvement with Tony Sheridan and their recording of “My Bonnie”.

Have a listen right here.


7 thoughts on “A Year With The Beatles Podcast: Please Please Me

      1. Never doubted it. Just that I’m currently reading a book on Revolver by a Nth American gent who still seems somewhat in thrall to those US album abominations that were foisted on unsuspecting fans.

      2. Settle down, Mr North by North West. Didn’t you Canadian chaps get the US Capital mauled Beatles records? (if not, my apologies – I just assumed it was the whole of Nth America that Capital dudded)

      3. Just bustin’ yer chops. 🙂

        Yes indeed, we had the Capitol releases with all the singles crammed onto them, plus the different running orders. By 1987, we had the not that great CD releases that reflected the UK albums.

      4. Rob is all over this, but I just want to reiterate, yes we’re doing it based on the UK albums, except for Magical Mystery Tour, which we’re doing the album version since even Apple Corps agreed that was a good idea.

        I remember the American releases well since we had them in Canada (plus a couple of Canadian only releases. “Twist and Shout” and “Long Tall Sally”, instead of “Meet The Beatles” and “The Beatles Second Album”). I will confess I’m still a bit thrown by hearing songs in “Help!” I know from the US release of “Rubber Soul”, so even after all these years I find it a little bit of an adjustment!

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