Listen to this track by Canadian folk pop throwback collective Great Lake Swimmers. It’s “Easy Come, Easy Go”, the title track to their upcoming 2012 record New Wild Everywhere to be released this coming April.

The band Great Lake Swimmers is the vehicle for the songwriting of Tony Dekker, working with a number of different line-ups over five albums, including this upcoming one. In this, the model for the band is not unlike a City and Colour, or Sun Kil Moon. Great Lake Swimmers makes melodic folk-rock centered on a sort of pastorial vibe while the band works out of Toronto, a major urban center.

This urban pastoral split is part of a grand musical tradition in that city. Their forebears in the mid-80s to early ’90s such as the Skydiggers, Blue Rodeo, Leslie Spit Treeo, and Cowboy Junkies, among others also based themselves in Toronto and playing soulful, earthy music that contrasted their metropolitan surroundings. This puts Dekker’s work into a something of a continuum, even as he establishes his own artistic voice in the 21st century.

Great Lake Swimmers New Wild Everywhere

Toronto  has played a unique role in the life of Great Lake Swimmers, often finding the band recording material in unconventional areas around town in open air, or even underground locations; anywhere but a standard recording studio, at least until this newest upcoming release.  And although the band is rooted in local scenes, it’s been proven that  Great Lake Swimmers has an appeal that has reached national, and  international proportions, even if that doesn’t mean Stateside critical mass – yet.

Dekker’s work garnered the band a 2009 Polaris nomination for the album Lost Channels, and in recent years Great Lake Swimmers has become a mainstay of indie and folk-roots festivals, including SXSW 2011 in Austin. Yet, accolades aside, I think with this song, the strength of it lies in the fact that it seems to hearken to a time of radio-friendly pop accessibility while at the same time not sounding retro.  It’s like one of those songs that’s always been around, immune to the fickle nature of pop evolution.

For more information about Great Lake Swimmers newest release, check out the the band’s label Netwerk’s blog post about Great Lake Swimmers New Wild Everywhere which also includes an embed of the video.

The album is out on April 3.


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