Photo: Brenda Lee

Listen to this track by Ontario born and Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas. It’s her radio single “The Deep End” as taken from her 2010 record with the self-explanatory title This Is Good.  This is certainly one of those songs that has dueling forces at work within it, with a joie de vivre to be found in the way it sounds, musically speaking, working against some pretty serious lyrical darkness.

Georgas began recording songs in earnest while a university student, having moved to Victoria B.C from Newmarket Ontario. Her career since has so far included TV spots for jingles, an EP, songwriting accolades and best new performer results from CBC3, and a debut record – this one. She has opened shows for Royal Wood, Joel Plaskett, and City and Colour, and is about to start touring the UK with Kathleen Edwards. At the time of this writing, the follow up to This Is Good is in progress.

So, as much as an artist who has been active for nearly half a decade or more can be thought of as new on the scene, Hannah Georgas’ star is rising steadily. But, what of this song, a loping, banjo-abetted joyous thing that lights up the radio, even while it deals with darker human concerns lyrically?

The situation is common. We have a friend who’s always in trouble. And when the shit comes down, we get the call. This is what this song seems to be dealing with; that vortex of helplessness, of pain, and of obligation that often comes out of trying to help someone who, perhaps, won’t help themselves in favour drawing on the energy of others instead. This is prime songwriting material, with Georgas’ otherwise encouraging “don’t let them break you down” sounding rather leaden and weary to support the emotional undercurrents of the song. That’s good performance, and good songwriting too.

For more information, check out the Hannah Georgas official site.


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