Layer upon layer of production sheen and rife with a sort of sanitized synth pop as they were, and with a lead singer in Annie Lennox who seemingly had a penchant for wigs, they nevertheless had a knack for pop hooks. This one’s my favourite. And that’s Stevie Wonder playing harmonica, which can’t hurt.



6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: Eurythmics “There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)”

  1. I remember seeing the Eurythmics’ first appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test (Holger Czukay played with them). Their poppy experimentalism was right up my street. I also liked the Sweet Dreams album that followed but it was diminishing returns for me after that.

    I did like There Must Be An Angel at the time – I would stop what I was doing to listen to Stevie’s solo whenever it came on the radio – but over familiarisation has killed it for me now and I could quite happily never hear it again. I have also grown to dislike Annie Lennox’s voice, which doesn’t help.

  2. Her duet with Al Green on Jackie DeShannon’s Put a Little Love in Your Heart remains a favourite, but she & Eurys always left me cold.

  3. Eurythmics is SO not a guilty pleasure 🙂

    Yeah, so a lot of their songs are heavily layered synth pop but it’s not putting lipstick on a pig. The melodies, the arrangements and, above all, the majesty of Lennox’ voice lifts their songs above so much else in the same category.

    If you want proof, go search YouTube for acoustic versions – of which there are many. These songs work however you arrange them.

    1. Jon, I recently heard an acoustic duo (two voices, one acoustic guitar) doing a version of “Here Comes The Rain Again”, which is another favourite Eurythmics tune of mine. It completely sounded like a straight up folk-rock tune with that arrangement. So, like you’ve said, that’s a good test of the material; how well it translates when it’s re-arranged and re-fitted with new textures, without sounding like a piss-take.

      Thanks for comments!

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