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Alright, everyone!

This is an historic moment here at the ‘Bin.  Our FIRST CONTEST!

The good folks at Paperny Films, and the administrators of the Love Shines Facebook page want to send you, Austin TX residents and those already going to the SXSW festival, to the Wednesday March 16, 2011 showing of Douglas Arrowsmith’s documentary about Ron Sexsmith Love Shines at the Vimeo Theatre.


They want you to meet director Douglas Arrowsmith and RON SEXSMITH TOO before the screening!

How? HOW can you gain your chance to win?

1. First, you have to be in Austin on Wednesday, March 16.

2. Second, just put a comment down about your favourite song off of the new record Long Player Late Bloomer on this very post, good people!

3. And if you TWEET this on Twitter:

Add your fave #RonSexsmith song to @Clippernolan ‘s post and win a chance to meet Ron at #SXSW Mar 16

You get a second shot at it!

That’s all it takes!  TWO winners will be awarded 1 SET OF 2 TICKETS (1 set each, 4 in total) to see the film and meet Ron and Douglas for one hour before the screening. I will be choosing the winner entirely at random, wishing all the while it was ME.

Please include a valid email address when you make your comment, and good luck!

How I envy one of you!

Contest Closing date and announcement of the winners: Monday, March 14, 12PM EST!

And just ’cause, Here’s a clip of Ron Sexsmith singing ‘Love Shines’ the title track of the film.


[Update, March 16, 2011: Congratulations to Heidi, and to Ben who’ve commented here. Ben passed along his set of tickets to a friend, Brian, due to a scheduling conflict (he had his own show to do!).  So, Heidi, Brian and their guests, as I write this,  are in the company of Ron and Douglas. Way to go guys! And enjoy the film!]


12 thoughts on “See ‘Love Shines’ and Meet Ron Sexsmith at SXSW 2011!

    1. Thanks for comments, Emme!

      That one’s a real earworm, a perfect example of Ron writing songs that make you think “why hadn’t someone written this song years ago?”

  1. “Get in line” is my favorite track. I love the brushes on the snare, reminds me of “Hard Bargain”, my favorite Ron song of all time. And I like the little bit of attitude he brings to an old theme lyrically.

    1. “Get in Line” is a great album opener.

      I’m in full agreement with you on ‘Hard Bargain’; such a heartfelt tune about being damaged, and about being amazed by someone else’s devotion despite that damage. It may be my fave Ron tune. Well, top 5.

      Thanks for your comment, Ben.

    1. Rob,

      Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to meet with Ron. There was a change of plans, so we ended up meeting with Ron & Douglas after the screening, over a couple of round of drinks at the Hilton across the street. It was amazing. Ron couldn’t have been sweeter and Douglas was equally wonderful. My boyfriend (my “guest”) is the biggest Ron Sexsmith fan on the planet and was in absolute heaven. I honestly think it made his year. We were able to catch his solo show at the Hilton Creekside and again with his band the following night at St. David’s church. Both shows were completely amazing. Sorry, I honestly don’t know what else I can possibly say besides “amazing”. Surreal, perhaps?… 🙂

      Thanks again, Rob. We’re still giggling & smiling.

      – Heidi

      1. Great, Heidi. I am very pleased that you had a great time, surreal though it may have been (I can imagine what you mean). And I’m pleased too that I had a part to play as well. As far as Ron Sexsmith fandom goes, I’m no slouch myself (“don’t be so hard on yourself, Rob. You’re a tremendous slouch…”).

        Thanks for reporting back! 🙂

  2. There are many great songs on this album but my favourite has to be Love Shines. Great lines …Nowhere towns and somewhere dreams…and…ignite our eyes, like fireflies

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