Corporate rock? Smooth, smooth, smooth production? Session muso yacht rock flawlessness?  Check, check, check.  Cool factor: barely registering. Yet, I find this to be subtly melancholy, and I’ve always loved it. So there.


5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: Toto “Africa”

  1. You should never feel guilty about your pleasures. Flaunt your pleasures. There is nothing wrong with liking something.

    1. Oh, I know that, Wigsf.

      But, just for a bit of fun, I’ve decided to start this guilty pleasures series just to spotlight some (possibly) surprising tunes that I like but artists of dubious cool-osity. I hope you’ll join in. 🙂

      Thanks for comments, as always!

      1. Join in? Sure.
        I’ve always had a thing for Santana’s Smooth. You know that one. The one with Rob Thomas on vocals.

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