i_will_be_-_dum_dum_girlsListen to this track by Californian garage-punks Dum Dum Girls (named after the Talk Talk song? Nope, more like Iggy Pop’s Dum Dum Boys, with a twist) with the title track from their recent full-length album I Will Be with Blondie and the Go-Gos producer, and former member of the Strangeloves (who first recorded “I Want Candy”, later popularized by Bow Wow Wow) Richard Gottehrer.

The band’s principle writer “Dee Dee”, recently signed to the famed Sub Pop label recorded the tracks to the record as demos.  She then sent them along to legendary music catalyst and Sire Records co-founder Richard Gottehrer for the release.

As you can tell from this tune, the tape noise, distortion, and the ambient sounds of a non-studio environment have been preserved, complete with edgy atmospherics, echoey surf guitar, and with an overall sound like it’s coming out of a subterranean rock club in 1967 with not a hippy in sight . The culmination of the writing and production makes the song sound like a lost Nuggets single, having done time in a can for 40 years before being unearthed.

But, no.

Since then, Dee Dee has pulled together a band around the Dum Dum Girls name, including new band members “Bambi”, “Sandy”, and “Jules”.  The group is set to embark on a summer tour with Vampire Weekend and with brother band Crocodiles.

For more Dum Dum Girls tunes, check out Dum Dum Girls MySpace page.  And also, take a look at the band website, wearedumdumgirls.com


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