contentListen to this track from post-punk founding fathers Gang of Four.  It’s “You Don’t Have To Be Mad”, a track from the band’s upcoming album Content, which will be available for download and on CD this coming summer.

In setting the tone for what became known as ‘alternative rock’ music, Gang of Four has seamlessly entered the 21st century in several senses of the word.  First, their influence is alive and well over a great many bands who are now holding sway over cutting edge rock music – MGMT, Interpol, and a great many others.  And they’ve maintained that same edgy sound that matches that of their disciples.

And second, the band has embraced social media channels, including reaching out to bloggers such as myself. This humble blog was added to their list of contacts, and it’s an honour to help out and give all of you a preview of the upcoming record.

One of the reasons for this is to have an impact on fans in a more direct way.  And another is to dovetail the band’s interest in Amnesty International through a pledge campaign which trades exclusive materials from them in exchange for support of the charity.

When it comes to the new record, and reasons for connecting with fans through social media channels, take a look at this video of Gang of Four guitarist Andy Gill, a musician who helped to define the sound of post-classic rock guitar, and who has also taken a very post-traditional marketing tack in the promotion of his work. From that site, you can learn more about the band’s pledge campaign, too.

And of course, for more music by Gang of Four, check out


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