Here’s a clip of Glaswegian indie-ists A Band Called Quinn with a track off of their 2009 album Sun Moon Stars. Even the band claims an influence of Hope Sandoval, yet the group also pulls in other influences which range from David Bowie to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, to Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood.

I think some of the most interesting bands are those made up of musicians who do not play it safe when it comes to instrumentation and presentation.  And I think this is true of this band, who take cues from indie guitar bands, a bit of post-punk flavourings and hints of the dance floor too.  But, they also employ a full time trumpet player, something kind of out of left field.  But besides all that, I love this song which harkens back to the textures of the 80s.  This can be something of a mark against them in the minds of many. But, I mean this in a good way!

There was a period, pre-1985 before the time the record industry clenched for good and gave up on niche markets in favour of homogenized gated drum and DX7 pap, when groups like The G0-Betweens, Talk Talk, The The, and others were making highly textured records.  If this band doesn’t sound exactly like any of the ones I mentioned, then I suppose I mean that the spirit of how those records were made kind of make me think that this tradition is where A Band Called Quinn come out of in terms of approach.  The point is that I think we’re only now getting back to this spirit again, where bands are writing music that plays with light and dark a bit, and aren’t afraid to add non-traditional textures to their music.

This tune is wonderfully sombre, yet extremely compelling on a melodic level.  It pulls you right into it, and as such it is a pop song.  And as I mentioned it’s one of a certain tradition where the darkness of the human heart is just as important as the bright and cheery side which is often associated with pop music.

For more music from A Band Called Quinn, I urge you to check out a wider range of their music as featured on the A Band Called Quinn MySpace page.


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