nick-lowe-convincerListen to this song by former pub rock stalwart and current classic pop crooner Nick Lowe with a highlight track from his The Convincer.  It’s “Let’s Stay In And Make Love”, the story of a busy couple with a full calendar who one night decide to re-prioritize.

The Convincer had been seen as a completed volume in a trio of albums, starting with 1994’s The Impossible Bird,  and it’s follow-up Dig My Mood in 1998.  With these albums, it was the sound of a new Nick Lowe, a musical place where he excelled in bringing together soul music, country, and tin pan alley pop.  As such, this direction has gone past the trilogy into his newest, At My Age, also in the same vein.

Nick Lowe is one of my favorite singers, with a seasoned and sonorous baritone that once was one applied to pub rock and new wave, notably on his biggest hit “Cruel to Be Kind”. Yet in recent years, Lowe has found a new voice in the vein of classic pop singing, with Sam Cooke-meets-Charlie Rich overtones that really suit him.  And as a songwriter he’s become something of a deft hand at telling tales of love and all of the directions it can take.

I really love this one, a song about how a fast and busy life can often overtake you, and the basic, yet important things get lost too.  This is a pure love song about catching that idea in mid-stream, just as you’re headed out the door to the next big event that everyone is going to.  It’s about reconnecting with love and the things that inspired it in the first place, far from the crowds, and closer to the one who is love’s object.

For more information about Nick Lowe, check out the Nick Lowe Official Website.


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